Marie Does

Copywriting EN/FR/NL

When a trip becomes the odyssey, a drink the nectar, a computer the genius, it is safe to assume a good copywriter helped creating a dream.

Creative writing  EN/FR/NL

Way back when animals still spoke, they did all the talking.
When they got fed up, men took over. If you still have trouble expressing yourself, I can help.

Editing EN/FR/NL

You have developed a drug that promises eternal life. Or a washing machine that doesn’t eat socks. Your brilliant brain only communicates in algorithms. Don’t worry, I speak human too.

Rereading EN/FR/NL

You have written a romantic novel about your grand-parents life. Or a terrifying thriller about smartphones taking over the world. You have trouble with structure, or syntaxis. I come to your redactional rescue.

Communication services

I have majored in Communication a long time ago. Experience has taught me how to apply it in a result-oriented manner: translating complicated concepts in a simple language, and positioning the most various products is what I’m good at.

Translations EN/FR/NL

Impatient like a talented adolescent, your product is eager to conquer the world. Hold your horses, I can assist in the overthrow.